Follow the Dandelions...Explore the woods...Smell the Fresh Air...Capture Smiles...Lay in the sun...Draw a picture...Stroll through the city...

Congrats to Class of 2010!

Gonna have to do a rushed post. I realllyyy need to study now. haha.

This photo shoot was fun! Hung out with some friends old and new, and took pretty pictures = ]. At one point we found petals sprinkled all over the grass which was a nice prop for raining petal pictures! Hence the new homepage picture.

This shoot came with consequences: giant mosquito bites that manifested itself into something monstrous.

Here are some visuals: Enjoy!! haha
My dad told me to draw a circle around it and if it gets any bigger, have to go to the doctor!
I can feel the pressure building up inside.

These are the worst I've gotten. Not even the China mosqs are this bad.

Have been totally not studying the past few days. Gotta go and catchup now!

- Melody

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