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Yesterday, I gave my mommy a photo-shoot for Mother's Day!

The location for the shoot was Downtown Saratoga. Lots of little shops and fancy restaurants present, perfect for a high fashion photo-shoot. haha. Relaxing atmosphere~
chillin' in Toga
The weather was acting up a little but luckily we caught some good bits of sun.

My mom is pretty fashionable... so the shoot ended up having a very Gucci-couture feel to it hahah. I think my mom has been the most open model so far. Not shy at all!

I now know how to apply 1 action to a batch photos on photo-shop. How did not discover this before! no more individually resizing and adding logos. Will be more consistent with logo placement. Still need to discover the bottom of the iceberg that is photoshop.
3 generations
Mango Mousse cake I made. Yumm

Photo-shoots are hard to come by! But there is another one planned coming up soon.

If you want to see the photos bigger:

If you want to see what else I'm working on:

- Melody

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