Follow the Dandelions...Explore the woods...Smell the Fresh Air...Capture Smiles...Lay in the sun...Draw a picture...Stroll through the city...

Took a big whiff of summer this weekend. After a spontaneous call one early afternoon, I spent a day at Santa Cruz!  First we hung out at the beach, ate Mexican food, watched seagulls attack some unattended Doritos. Decide to take a dip in the water. FReezing popsicles. Then we decided to release our creativity into the sand. Dug a giant pit... and made someone get in it... hahah. A pointless must do at the beach. But the pit was definitely a pivotal precursor to a masterpiece... THIS:
He is actually standing in the pit and we took advantage of his helplessness. There are more explicit pictures. But i shall protect the identity of the merwoman. hahah

After the beach, the car died, played drinking game while waiting for AAA, ate at Betty Burger as recommended by triple A guy (ate delicious double dutchess (?), you gotta try it!!) got to the beautiful boardwalk at night, rollercoastered, ferris wheeled, attempted to win giant stuffed animal but failed, chomped on funnel cake and then drove back into the foggy night. 1907 nights at Santa Cruz <3

Ah can't wait until summer really begins! (just a few more weeks of hardcore SCHOOL!)


07/12/2010 06:35

ahaha the butt! :D


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