Follow the Dandelions...Explore the woods...Smell the Fresh Air...Capture Smiles...Lay in the sun...Draw a picture...Stroll through the city...

Extremely hot one day, and then raining the next. At least the rain will drench some of that pollen. Allergies are attacking the masses including me.

Today I worked on a character concept:
About around 3 years ago, I was SO bad at drawing anime. I'm pretty good at drawing from life, but anime takes a different type of style/skill and a lot more imagination. Still not great yet, but hopefully practice makes perfect!

Funny how much a person can unconsciously refine themselves, whether it be a skill or one's character. Time.

Perhaps I will create a new site to regularly update as an incentive to keep working at this humongo project. And then post parts of my story so all these drawings make sense! Although I tried that before and hellaa failed at updating. Hopefully that won't happen.

Third and last semester of the year has started. Oh em gee no summer for me! 8am classes again. Can't wait until August.


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