Follow the Dandelions...Explore the woods...Smell the Fresh Air...Capture Smiles...Lay in the sun...Draw a picture...Stroll through the city...

More summer pictures.
Maido in Japan Town! I need some flying wish paper.
All snug and cozy. Life at it's best in my hand!
ewwww. yea i didn't know either...
Little one meets estranged parents
Food from Wicked Spoon- buffet in vegas. salmon was sooo gooood.
One of my bday gifts. so cute. personalized catalogue to choose gifts from!
Kajillion miles from home, driving back from vegas. The never-ending exits we passed... traffic... slow trucks... road construction...
it was my birthday! I'm 24. So readdyy!
I seem to not update anymore.  Here are some pictures from summer!
This year's fourth of July dinner:
She finally came back from Japan!
Can i just lie in the grass and not study
Sleeping. Do Not Disturb.
Feeling wistful of break. May 19... and it moves to a new stage in life (graduation!). Just a little more to go. This break consisted of many cafe trips, reconnecting with old friends, fooding, sleeping, not sleeping, driving, and meeting new people. Here's some of it in instagrams:
Macchiatone at Cafe Venetia
Crown and Crumpets in SF
Cliffy beach at Carmel
Sunset in Japantown
Homemade Coffee!
Streets of SF
No more sleeping past 3am!

Song by Hearts. Thanks to my friend who introduced me to them!

Today I made Pistachio Macaroons. They are pretty legit! Here are some pictures:
Happy New Year! There are a few new years resolutions that I have made that I hope to stick to... we'll see how it goes. May this be a year of accomplishment, motivation, life changes, and making things happen!

I still have one more shoot to post....


Here is an update.Apologies for being a super bad updater. Back to normal sleeping now..and it feels good. I didn't remember the last time my biological clock felt pretty good. Hopefully it lasts. I am two shoots behind in posting and I'm not sure when those are going to be done. I will aim for winter break (December). Here is a silhouette photo from the latest shoot! Together by the lake.
I will try to post more sneak peeks. That's all i can do right now cuz working on the pharm thing. I want to design a new watermark and pondering about how to renovate photoblog. Time for a move?

Song on replay (by John Mayer- listen to it!) that kind of sums up my mood lately. Time goes by so fast. People come and go, responsibilities come and stay. Sometimes I want to stay a young and carefree forever. Took my mum on a photo-shoot today.
Bonus preview pic!
I hope this week passes by as quickly as possible- contrary to what I was saying before but... I am looking forward to labor day weekend and my trip to Vancouver.

- The Honey Trees

Break was so fast... already had my third day of rotations! Definitely different. Some reminiscing in photos:
Made restaurant dinner for Dad. Arugula, tofu, grapes, sprinkled with feta cheese, sliced almonds, and topped with avocado.
Fish with mild curry sauce topped over homemade plain yogurt based mashed red potatoes :)
Summer fooding + adventures
Something is coming soon : )





Stumbled upon something today, while cleaning out the junks in my room.

"Penny: My bear Penny was once a traveler. She had much fun traveling around the world. One day when she was flying a plane, one of the wings broke and fell down. She was very worried. Penny took out her wisdom and drank it, then wings appeared on the back of her. She flew out the plane but the wisdom didn't last long. She dropped through the air and fell on a mattress. After she went to the doctor, she never was a traveler again. That's why she was just an ordinary Penny"-written when I was 10 yrs old. So sad.

Never be an ordinary Penny.

On another note... Done with didactic pharm school! I can't believe... I still have my self esteem in tact. Haha. I am so glad it's over... mainly because no more taxing nights of studying. But there will definitely be memories of people/things I will keep safe in my pocket. I wouldn't have survived school without them. Will be starting rotations soon! 

I am now 23. Thank you friends for an exquisite birthday!! Here are some highlights:

Family photo
Definitely the evil twin.
Got my revenge.
Pretty gifts! Thankkkk youu! So vintage themed I likkee
Wearing all my birthday gifts.
Pretty <3
Got my ears pierced. Thankkies again <3
Also went rafting recently. Cool peru-vian raft guide that reminded me of Captain Jack Sparrow + mischievously/aggressively splash-attacking other rafts + leaping freely into the refreshingly cold river + priceless stunna mode photo--made for an awesome trip!
May year 23 be the most adventurous one yet!
10 more days until done with didactic school : ]
- Priscilla Ahn

So hot!  But I kind of like it.

This is so rare. A four day weekend. Finally there are days where there is no cramming, I can slumber double digits, and staying up late isn't for studying. One day I'll have good sleeping habits. Such fleeting relaxation.

Had a family dinner with family friends. Yay for home food :)
Upside down Illinois^
I am thinking of getting a new camera! Actually, It's going to happen. I am thinking of revamping the website as well. It is time to move forward into a new era! But this will happen in about a month or so.