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Stumbled upon something today, while cleaning out the junks in my room.

"Penny: My bear Penny was once a traveler. She had much fun traveling around the world. One day when she was flying a plane, one of the wings broke and fell down. She was very worried. Penny took out her wisdom and drank it, then wings appeared on the back of her. She flew out the plane but the wisdom didn't last long. She dropped through the air and fell on a mattress. After she went to the doctor, she never was a traveler again. That's why she was just an ordinary Penny"-written when I was 10 yrs old. So sad.

Never be an ordinary Penny.

On another note... Done with didactic pharm school! I can't believe... I still have my self esteem in tact. Haha. I am so glad it's over... mainly because no more taxing nights of studying. But there will definitely be memories of people/things I will keep safe in my pocket. I wouldn't have survived school without them. Will be starting rotations soon! 

I am now 23. Thank you friends for an exquisite birthday!! Here are some highlights:

Family photo
Definitely the evil twin.
Got my revenge.
Pretty gifts! Thankkkk youu! So vintage themed I likkee
Wearing all my birthday gifts.
Pretty <3
Got my ears pierced. Thankkies again <3
Also went rafting recently. Cool peru-vian raft guide that reminded me of Captain Jack Sparrow + mischievously/aggressively splash-attacking other rafts + leaping freely into the refreshingly cold river + priceless stunna mode photo--made for an awesome trip!
May year 23 be the most adventurous one yet!

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