Follow the Dandelions...Explore the woods...Smell the Fresh Air...Capture Smiles...Lay in the sun...Draw a picture...Stroll through the city...

I had a special shoot today... because it's his birthday! Happy Birthday Long = ).  I hope you had fun photo-shooting for the very first time!

Part of your present:
I'm super stoked about posting up these last couple shoots!! School will have to be priority right now, but I'm sure I will sneakily edit pics here and there when I get bored of working. Special shout-out to my first time assistant and neighbor, Diane! She didn't know what I was dragging her into, but...You were super helpful!!  =)

No mosquito bites this time. Yayy


11/10/2010 00:10

awww...nice lighting! long is so photogenic! i love the balloon :)

11/10/2010 00:33

ooo.. i like this picture!! it's so happy and long looks great!

11/10/2010 00:40

I like this!!!


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