Follow the Dandelions...Explore the woods...Smell the Fresh Air...Capture Smiles...Lay in the sun...Draw a picture...Stroll through the city...

Made sushi for dinner today. And now I'm full and sick of it. I can't believe... my 80 hours of community IPPE's is almost over. I think only now I've started to sink into the atmosphere of the place and getting to know the people I work with. That place is so busy and I can't talk while I count pills. Alas things end just as you start to settle. Only 18 hours more to go.. 2 weeks to go. Which means... the semester is almost over! Lupe Fiasco concert next week. Countdown: 32 days. Like that means anything because we only get 1 week off. But whatevers, I'm heading off to SD to party!
tasted good the first 5 rolls then the rice expanded in my stomach.
Going to do 40 hrs of geriatrics next semester. I heard some people get placed in psych wards or something. HM that would be interestingly bogus. I'm curious about non-retail environment which is the only exposure I've been getting.

So sad that I'm probably unable to do a photo-shoot in the orchards that I've been passing by on my way to Modesto. I wonder what it's like to walk in a forest of white blossoms~

I wish I had more non-pharmacy major friends.  

Long drives on the highway at night with the perfect playlist.

Quizzes, quizzes, quizzes all the time.


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